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SafetyPro Industrial Labelers

What can you expect when you order with ISS?

When you order SafetyPro, you're buying from the best. We promise to provide you with the best software, service and support that you will find in the industry. All of our materials meet or exceed every industry standard, so you can rest assured that your job will be done right.

The Best Software

The industry asked for quality labeling software, and SafetyPro provided. FacilityWare Label Manager is now a proven leader in easy, quick, and effective custom labeling with OSHA, NFPA and Arc Flash capabilities built right in. Experience the different real labeling software makes with every SafetyPro printer!

SafetyPro Industrial Labelers

The Best Service & Support

Some companies are out to sell you on a printer. We are out to sell you on our exceptional service and support, both before and after the sale. We guarantee that we will get your printer up and running smoothly. We'll walk you through the installation process, and train you on how to make the labels that you need. Our support is not just available right after a purchase- we offer free lifetime assistance, the best in the industry. Get help with arc flash training.

Quality Materials

We sell only quality tested products that are properly packaged and shipped quickly. Our SafetyPro line of printers and supplies are the highest quality in their class. They are designed to last for years and work in even the harshest environments. In addition, our SafetyPro printers carry a full replace or repair warranty. In the rare case that something should go wrong, our qualified technicians will repair or replace your printer quickly and without hassle.

Quality Shipping

We go the extra mile when it comes to properly packaging your label printing supplies. While most companies package their materials in whatever box is the cheapest, Industrial Safety Solutions sources custom made shipping boxes that fit our supplies perfectly. Each roll of labeling material comes in a fitted box specific to the material size. This ensures minimum movement during transit, and perfect condition materials every time.

exceptional service and shipping
  • Snug-fitting, double-walled shipping boxes.
  • Shrink-wrapped vinyl and ribbons.
  • Materials arrive in perfect condition, every time.